xbox 360 live media updates?

xbox 360 live media updates?


I cant get xbox live because of th internet we have is a verizon usb flash drive modem with a 5gb allowance. I want media updates (i have no pronlem with system updates because you can put it on a flash drive on the computer).I would like to get the media updates that allow me to play movies from my flash drive that I have saved or play music from my ipod when it is connected to the usb drive. I would also like game add ons and downloadable maps and stuff and avatar accesories. I was wondering how I can get these, whether it be from a friends house or gamestop or anything to put on a flash drive/memory card to bring to my own xbox 360?

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  1. You should take your entire 360 over to your friend’s house and sign up fro Xbox Live. You can access the Game marketplace with the free Silver membership so you can buy content and get updates.

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