Home Playstation Games 『地球防衛軍5』Earth Defense Force 5 – 『生放送』 Live Gameplay Walkthrough PS4

『地球防衛軍5』Earth Defense Force 5 – 『生放送』 Live Gameplay Walkthrough PS4


『地球防衛軍5』Earth Defense Force 5 - 『生放送』 Live Gameplay Walkthrough PS4

Here’s 36 minutes of 1080p60 footage from Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair on the PlayStation 4.
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36 Minutes of Earth Defense Force 4.1 Gameplay (PS4, 60fps)


  1. I think 97 people would rather save the mother Earth without God-mode. However, we need the EDF too much to let that stop us. EDF!!!

  2. the only way to feel the fun of this game is by playing it. the fun for me is for collecting varieties of weapon and play of inferno difficulties. someone say this suck because they see this game so weird because so much bug in the game. but get surrounded by hundreads of those bug, ufo, or maybe the giant ufo"s that completely close the sky.

  3. I don't know how, but judging by the video, this game DEFINITELY looks better on PS4 than on PC! Graphics & framerate both look a lot nicer here!

  4. I thought this was gonna be a sidescrolling shoot 'em up, like Earth Defence Force… Dissapoint…

  5. Only 25 euro's on the PS4 store.. But this is not including all the extra missions.. But, still well worth the price.. I do have 2077 on the PS3.. But my Ps3 is broke, so I'm gonna have to get this

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