$100 PC vs. Xbox 360

$100 PC vs. Xbox 360


0 PC vs. Xbox 360


  1. it really gets down to how expensive the components r locally. also, the games on xbox 360 r obviously tuned down below even the minimals since it doesn't have the DX support needed to play them properly.

  2. Whatever your opinions on console vs PC, the dev team for rise of the tomb raider did a phenomenal job with regards to optimising it for the 360 hardware. Like really, it was a 10 year old piece of hardware at the time of release, and the game looked really nice AND played at a solid 30.

  3. But can you play Battlefield 2 on the 360? Runescape? Quake 3 Arena? Of course not. Because those games only came out for Windows.

  4. Same PC as me, but your luckier you got yours to come with XP. I got Vista. And your PC is gunna die of floppy diskette cancer. The xbox 360 is gunna die from disk cancer

  5. something that can run most games at 720p for 100$ here would still be difficult
    the xbox 360 here with a 250-320gb system is still sold here for 100-140$ range. tho i've seen older 20-60gb models for less then 100$. Where i am 100$ your lucky to get your hands on a Core 2 duo E7000-or E8000 2.80-3.0ghz System with 4gbs of ram ddr2/ddr3 and possibly a full size case so u could expand to it, but that would already put u over the price of the console alone for the video card, and possibly PSU (tho not necessarily on the psu) for 100$ here its not exactly hard to get simply a PC with a better processor and ram then an xbox 360, but a GPU, well. just to get yourself setup for Light E sport titles would probably still set you back almost 200$ here less your lucky to find the occassional core 2 duo/core 2 quad tower with an older dedicated gpu in it, that can still pack a punch for a few titles at 720p settings. Mind you an xbox 360 runs all its games at 720p some not even that, at 30fps, Some might do 60fps if their not even 720 resolution. GTA V for example is 720p but its like 24-30fps most of the time with every possible detail and effect brought right down to min, aside from environment/view distances. a 100$ computer with another 100$ graphics card will at least get u probably to 1080p or Max setting on 720. I Built my first custom computer 4.5 years ago it's an i5 3470, with 16gbs of ram, it had 8gbs when i built it. with a 430watt psu (now 600 watt) and didnt have a video card, now it does a r9 270, a 24 inch monitor, a speaker system, additional ram, a new cpu cooler/paste, its a 1400$ investment so far and it's almost 5 years old. The tower itself would maybe be worth 3-400$ now, the monitor maybe 100$ it's less then half it's value already. Was it worth it? Ofc, it can still handle everything @ 1080p, although it would only need a 1050ti or 1060 at this point for some newer more demanding titles( bout 180-300$ here) it will likely still go another 4-5 years alone on everything but the video card, is that even worth the total investment, sure, cause it will last long. BUT NOW, Fuck it. i'd spend 200$ on an older i5 2nd or 3rd gen pc (Cus 4-6 isn't rly worth the 5-15% performance diff) then put a 200$ video card in it, and call it a new 400$ Ps4 that just won't do 4K but will Handle everything at 1080p for the next 5 years.

  6. a 200$ PC could easily outperform a ps4 pro though, you have to realize that in the PC market every dollar counts, especially if your a smart buyer/have a decent iq and cognitive ability (which is sadly uncommon hence the reason consoles are still alive)

  7. If the graphics are better, the settings aren't equal, which would explain most of the losses, and Minecraft should be comparing C++ versions (was Win10 even out when this video came out?), as the Java version shown in this video is one of the worst optimized popular games in a long time.

    But building a PC on such a budget is so much harder, and the games are often way more annoying to set up, LowSpecGamer has a whole channel on making games run on crap hardware, that's proof enough it's a pain. I can agree with the 360 winning in this case. This video still holds up pretty nicely today.

  8. Hmm about 2 years ago I build a 150€ PC with a Q6600 and a 580GTX which easily outperformed the 360 and came close to the performance of the xbone and the ps4.

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