15 Upcoming Best looking PS VR Games In 2016 / 2017! PS4

15 Upcoming Best looking PS VR Games In 2016 / 2017! PS4


15 Upcoming Best looking PS VR Games In 2016 / 2017! PS4


  1. Good games on VR: Rush of Blood, Thumper, Call of duty: VR mission, Battlefront VR mission, and the VR experiences are ok but when you are watching a VR movie keep in mind that the images will not be focused all that well. It's still kinda cool but just keep that in mind going into the experiences short films in "Jaunt VR". Also bad acting is pretty much standard in short movies made for VR.

  2. Valkrie sucks btw too. Every dogfight ends up the same. You end up chasing enemy ships around in circles around and around. Horrible!

  3. Robinson sucks don't waste your money. You moving left/right requires that you jerk around in incraments. You can't move in a fluid motion except forward and back. I have never seen a game do this. It's so bad. Also for some reason I got really bad motion sickness within just 10 min of gameplay. Sony should refund people on this one. $50 down the tube.

  4. Psvr is absolute garbage also the pro what a joke no 4K blu ray as Sony get into bed with Netflix rather than promote their own tech also doesn't work HDR out the box or even picture whereas Xbox one S upscales and HDR works and and get a blu ray player in it

  5. it does not look like this buy the way the resolution is nowhere near as good as the preview

  6. It's frustrating how badly VR games show on 2d screens. I've seen so many games that I had no interest in until I saw them in VR, like Headmaster. Once yo see it in VR you're like "oooohhh…."

  7. They need to make an Alien VR,can you imagine how scared shitless everyone would be

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