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Ace Combat Infinity: Campaign Mission 1 Lost Butterfly ( PS3 / 1080p )


Ace Combat Infinity: Campaign Mission 1 Lost Butterfly ( PS3 / 1080p )


  1. *sees that the F-4 Phantom is still being used in 2019*. . . *gets triggered as hell*

  2. Love the intro (the history). Saw it at mission one and another one in mission two, which were free. Was the main reason to buy Campaign ticket for me, so I can do all the single-player missions immediately, and of course, hear all the history CGIs. What a shame when I discovered there were no more history lessons. The very last mission is just before me, there was only one other history lesson, where the history bloke wanted to explain history about Mongolia, just to get an early "sortie order" message and CGI ends very soon. That´s it I suppose. Still hoping to get some last history lesson when I complete the last mission. If the Project Aces started this story and then left it unexplained, I don´t really get it. Much money I thrown at this, more than for any EA / Activision game. Today I know they were briefings for that little pilot girl, but still… I was curious. I now don´t trust konami, capcom and .. I never thougt I´ll write this – I don´t believe Namco anymore, even if it was all the Project Aces "fault".

  3. UNSC sheeeet is this pre halo or something a few hundred years before halo events that whould be awesome XD

  4. I just wish the graphics were at least as good as 06 or Assault Horizon..it looks so dated and I love the AC series they are having a sale on PC and on a good rig it looks like a next gen title nearly.

  5. Appreciate the lack of commentary; I feel that the OSTs from any Ace Combat game are just too good to talk over.

  6. i know they did not use ace combat 4s soundtrack right!?!?! AC04 was the best of all ACs

  7. PFFFTT. 
    What, I thought this was Ace Combat not Halo…
    (I know its United Nations Security Council but still)

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