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Afro Samurai – Review


Afro is now in his own game! But is it another anime cash in half ass piece of shit? Find out!

Score – 7.7

Afro Samurai - Review

What do you think of the game? Would you ever play it? Do you think it deserved a different rating?

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Afro Samurai - Anime Video Game Review

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  1. Wow I remember that intro since I first watched sonic the hedgehog game videos. Quite nostalgic

  2. Another flaw with this game (that could've fixed a lot of problems) is that the jump button is used for special evasive techniques. This doesn't sound like a problem until you realize that you have choose between dodging and blocking. If you dodge wrong, you end up often just jumping into oncoming attacks. They should've just used "instant blocking" to for the dodge inputs and left the jump button for manual evading and air combos.

  3. It's funny how you mentioned NG2 and the camera and only 20 minutes ago I had just got finished with the 2nd boss constantly cursing the camera repeating "Damn, he was right!" I haven't seen it in Afro yet but watching this may had jinxed me lol and thanks to your reviews I got both today.

  4. I didn't find the bosses so cheap.
    I thought of them as really challenging.
    everybody has their opinion :/

  5. jus picked it up brand new at gamestop for 7 bucks bout to jump into it might wait for the show to get here off netflix first tho

  6. ninja ninja is part of his head afros supressed emotions in the from of well ninja ninja

  7. i bought this shitty game and returned it the next day. you cant even invert the camera. when i press right, I WANT TO LOOK RIGHT NOT LEFT. i love the anime though, what a shame…

  8. say what !!!..looool…you mean ds slim….,now honestly, when u actluly whent and bought the wii how did u feel..lol
    u defently not a gamer and the wii was ur first consol so enjoy boxin and bowling hahah..lolz

  9. at 8:05, that was HOMO
    awesome game th ough, i luv hte anime and tha game, its pure awesomeness, once u get past the flaws the game was almost perfection in my opinion

  10. Well I was going to pick this up because a second one is coming out, but after your review I think I'll wait. Plus, I have never seen Afro Samurai before.

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