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Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush – Xbox 360 ” Dammit this is Bad


Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush - Xbox 360


  1. This is the closet thing to blitz on the n64 if you own a 360. Very arcade-y. I dont get all the hate. No its not madden if you want madden go pick up another shitty copy of madden they make one every year. Would be better of they had NFL teams but its an arcade game so it is what it is. I still thoroughly enjoy this game and I've owned it for years. If you liked NFL tour give this a shot

  2. Did they realize at the end when it got picked that he had a player open now on him and they could have gotten a touchdown and then a field goal

  3. the older series on pc and mac r so much better. i miss all the classic backyard games. basketball and football was my favorite

  4. how the hell do you pass up pablo sanchz for VICKI KAWAGUCHI u freakin retard dude pablo makes the game

  5. This game isn't up to where the 1997-2005 games are (not even close), but it's a lot better than the 2007-2010 stuff.

  6. @ThePeteAwesome NONONNOONO thats the wrong question! the question is WHERE IS EVERYTHING THAT MADE THE BACKYARD SPORTS SERIES GOOD?!?!?

  7. @JuniorAdventurer To be more fair, they at least put effort in this game compared to 07-10. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done.

  8. Looks like they tried making the series take a more arcade-style turn. Never thought I'd say this, but I would miss the pros if I ever played this game. Sure they were game-breaking and unbalanced, but they gave the game more personality. Now it's just this shovelware junk.

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