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Battlefield 3 Cheats and best gun online. PS3?


Im only new to the FPS games. I know a lot of ppl will get pissed at me for doing this but i need to if i have any chance of getting anywhere. I have played for almost 40 hours and im only on level 4. I was wondering whats the best gun to use as im only on level 4 and im finding it hard to level up. Is there any codes or cheats i can put in so i level up faster or unlock better guns? I need your help PLEASE.

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  1. Hello,

    This is a good link for downloading Battlefield 2142 for free: [url is not allowed]

    it’s completely free and it’s very fast to install

    Battlefield 2142 carries the award-winning and exceptional online combat of the franchise. It includes a new game play mode in Titan.

  2. don;t use cheats , you’ll be banned as soon as you try to because they do not allow them in bf3 like they seem to in call of duty

    the best gun varies by the type of mission and what level your on and your personal preferences , a smaller level might be best with a shotgun , or you might not like them and prefer another

    you can get more xp by playing in team matches and helping team mates , healing downed team mates gets you more xp than just shooting everyone.

    play with a clan or friends , they’ll help you rank up faster and get better

    you’ll suck at 1st because most players have lots of experience , give it a few weeks and you’ll improve

    find a gun you like , maybe you are better at slow aiming and will be better using a sniper rifle or bolt action than an automatic , maybe you’re better with a sub machine gun , or maybe a shotgun , everyone has their own best gun and setup

    play the team modes and participate , if you hold the flag you get a bonus , if you help in a kill you get a bonus , basically the more you work as a team the more xp you’ll get

    play the single player game too , not just online , when you can beat the game on hard you will be better in the online game as that teaches you to use the various weapons , vehicles etc. and you might find you are best off driving a tank or flying a jet than on the ground online too

  3. Bl00dy hell you suck, there are no cheats in bf3, skill rewards players with rank-ups, go back to playing cod little child

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