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Black ops 2 COD Forum?


Any news on call of duty black ops 2 yet?


  1. The only thing that people know that the project name for it is Iron Wolf, so it might be called Call of Duty: Iron Wolf. And most sources think that it’s going to take place in the Vietnam War. No one knows if the story is going to involve Alex Mason though. That’s pretty much all that people know at the moment. Hope this helped.

  2. It is called Iron Wolf for now, but is confirmed to be developed by Treyarch, and will be a sequel to black ops. Iron wolf won’t be its name, and its unconfirmed if it’ll be called black ops 2. it will reportedly follow Mason, Hudson, and Weaver, and they might find woods, because if you found the message on the console in black ops, it says woods is still alie. look for that woods is alive thing on youtube, its real. No forum yet, but it will be fully announced at the e3 2012. For now enjoy Modern Warfare 3 cuz black ops 2 is coming November 2012.

  3. The number one forum for Black Ops 2 is [url is not allowed].

    And yes, Black Ops 2 is currently in development by Treyarch. Iron Wolf is the codename for the project.

  4. Should be called black ops lone wolf for now but anyway

    [url is not allowed] Is the official forum

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