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Call of Duty: World at War OR Fallout 3 (Xbox 360)?


Which one should I buy?

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  1. Depends on what you like

    – Fallout 3 is an RPG/Shooter, it’s a quality game and you’ll get alot of play out of it but it’s single player only.

    -COD 5 is a full on shooter with a campaign and great online play.

    If I had a straight choice between the two I’d go for Fallout but that’s just me. Both are good games, if you are into those type of games you should have a look at Oblivion (Basically Fallout but with swords and dungeons) and Call of Duty 4 (I reckon it’s better than 5) as well.

  2. If you like oblivion and RPG games get fallout 3.

    If you like first person shooting and war get cod.

  3. If ur into multiplayer cod has a great one but fallout is single player only but a dang good one. If u want a great single player bioshock is better

  4. If you are a multiplayer kind of person go with WaW. If you like a really great long Single Player RPG game go with Fallout 3.

    Im a Multiplayer kind of guy so i would go with CoD: WaW, but thats just me

  5. Fallout 3 has waaay more gameplay time, much more fun DLC and is quite frankly one of the best games released on the 360 if not of all time. Call of Duty:WAW has online play and is a slowed down version of COD4 with a new skin and zombie mode. Honestly if you want to play online wait till november 10th and get Modern Warefare 2. It’s made by Infinity Ward who are the people behind the Call of Duty series, unlike World at War which is treyarch, Activisions idea of a money maker. The only downside to Fallout 3 is there’s no online play. Of those two I would highly reccommend Fallout 3, but if you must have online play, don’t get World at war, wait a few months, you’ll be very happy.

  6. for xbox live get codwaw but i perfer cod4 for inline but for regular campagian i pick cod waw so if u have xbox live i would get cod4 its way better for online

  7. Fallout 3 it will keep you occupied longer than COD will. It also a a better storyline, graphics, and overall better feel to it.

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