Capsule Force Trailer | PS4

Capsule Force Trailer | PS4


Capsule Force Trailer | PS4

Capsule Force coming 8/25 to PS4 and Steam!


  1. Yeah ok, it has retro graphics. So what? Those who think this visual style is too old (but in my opinion very nostalgic and often times more interesting to look at than full HD 3d rendered games *cough* COD:Black Ops *cough*) don't have to buy it. You saw the trailer, you thought to yourself that this is not your taste. Ok. No need to be sassy about it. Just say it's not what you are personally looking for in a game.

  2. …and here I was thinking it was a type of Dr. Mario game. Idk, it was the capsule part of the title that confused me. Hahaha…

  3. Soooo…. what's Dexter doing in this game….?  And why's he in the advanced-past-future?

  4. You can sense it's a Japanese game the moment when the 3rd "capsule force" was spoken and wonder to yourself "oh god, something weird is gonna be showing"

  5. Бляяяяяяяяяяяяяять.
    Некст ген нахуй.

  6. I am hoping the devs of IGS see this. You are all very terrible developers, none of you should ever be allowed at a computer again. How do you not only fucking completely ruin Borderlands 2, you ruin Batman AK as well. I and as many people as I can get the word out to, will never buy a product again that has your "amazing" work involved in it.

    Thank you for turning our beloved series into non working, bug infested piles of shit.

  7. Is this game made by the 'gaming club(笑)' that we already know?
    If so, this game will be 30fps (variable)

  8. I was going to make some comment about how this is lame because its not KI related but it actually looks fun.

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