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Castle Crashers Remastered The Final Countdown Achievement (Xbox One)


In the new mode, you must survive for 2:30, this is hard to do legit as the enemies begin to move really fast and there will be lots of them. There is a map that you can glitch this on though, as the enemies will stay in the area below if you sit in the spot shown in the video. If you don’t get this map, just die quickly and you’ll go to the next map.

Castle Crashers Remastered The Final Countdown Achievement (Xbox One)

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  1. I just put a video on my channel showing the patterns in the way you can move. Still going to take practice but helps a lot to know the pattern.

  2. yay its fuckin fixed it seems cause of ppl like u who have to share this shit and get it popular yay

  3. is this battle blocktheater ? it looks like castle Crashers what is this game ?

  4. I did it legit, and it took like 2 hours of raging. I'm kind of mad because those hours of madness could've just been avoided.

  5. doesnt work for me (PC-Version) – the first enemy always takes a route uphill immediately. tried it 5 times now, 2 times with with 2 players (keyboard and gamepad, singleplayer).
    any tipps here??

  6. Didn't work the first time for me…It went til about 1:35 and then they came up and killed me. The second time I died around 2:06. The third time I tried moving around on the top, going back and forth between the three grass squares next to the rock, and it worked. I don't know if that's because I was on single player or what, but it wouldn't work when I just stood still up there.
    But thank you, anyway, because I could NOT figured out how I was going to last for 2:30. This video was a big help, even if I had to tweak the method a bit.

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