CGR Undertow – THE SABOTEUR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

CGR Undertow – THE SABOTEUR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


CGR Undertow - THE SABOTEUR for Xbox 360 Video Game Review


  1. 100s of boring repetitive installations to blow up he meant to say. Gets boring after you blowup the 10th sniper nest in a row.

  2. This game had a fantastic noir atmosphere.
    The developers should have deepened their stealth mechanics while making the Nazis more of a challenging and imposing force. To match the atmosphere, there should have been more displays and actions of oppression done by the Nazi.

    I don't advocate challenge being translated to simply More Spawned Enemies or Raised Enemy Hit Points. Challenge should be a bit more abstract and creative such as:
    -a Monolithic fortress that is constantly reinforced by new soldiers, seemingly manufacturing them and eventually cluttering the world space unless destroyed.
    -points of interest that are bolstered with higher tiers of vehicles and weapons for the already present guard, the more other points of interests are attacked or destroyed (district-wide alert levels)

    It's no use roleplaying as the Liberator if there wasn't much to liberate from.

  3. i wanted to buy this game for sooooo long man
    i finally have it.
    it's looking pretty good so far even though it's been a few years since it's release

  4. EA bought Pandemic because they wanted Pandemic to make more money for EA and when Pandemic didn't produce enough money for EA, Pandemic became useless to EA and EA shut Pandemic down. F**k you EA. Pandemic always made twice as better games than your stupid FIFA. RIP Pandemic

  5. If I had played it before, say, Red Dead Redemption I probably would have played it through till the end.  Unfortunately it has aged terribly.

  6. Had to give up on this game near the end.  Every time I died or failed a mission, rather than feeling that I had done poorly, I felt angry at the game and its shoddy mechanics.  Also; the story is non-existent, which seems OK at first until you get bored of the core gameplay–and fed up with the poor shooting mechanics. 

  7. If someone likes blow things up and open world games rather than this game he could simply buy saints row 4.No deny that game is better than this

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