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CGRundertow ATELIER MERURU for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


Atelier Meruru review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Atelier Meruru for Sony PlayStation 3.

And thus, the Arland saga of the long-running Atelier series of alchemy-infused RPGs comes to a dramatic close. Not because there’s anything particularly dramatic about the game itself, but because they decided to send the saga out on a particularly high note. Even if that “high note” is the kind of city-building that would feel more at-home in a SimCity or Actraiser. The net result is a strong, driving force throughout the game, something Totori and Rorona were kinda lacking. It doesn’t hurt that the actual RPG mechanics have received a fresh coat of paint as well.

This video review features video gameplay footage of Atelier Meruru for Sony PlayStation 3 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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CGRundertow ATELIER MERURU for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review


  1. This is pretty much the only popular JRPG series I've never played. I have a vita, but I've never considered buying one of these games. Should I just start with the first Atelier game?

  2. So it sounds like you like this one best compared to Totori/Ayesha? I also like the idea of quests having impact in the world, sounds awesome to me so I guess I should give this one a try to test the series? Also I think I like Meruru's character more too since she seems like a strong female lead….

  3. Do you need to play Atelier Totori to understand this game or is it a standalone from the series?

  4. your joking, right? How about star ocean, final fantasy, suikoden, breath of fire, dragons dogma, dark souls, legend of dragoon, chrono trigger, dragon quest, ect ect ect ect, you know, fantasy rpgs that WERENT about chibi loli girls with low budget psuedo 3d graphics? How about disgaea, cross edge, hell, even white knight chronicles. Games where you could take the characters seriously instead of sparkling pretty little girls with rainbows and hair ribbons and KAWAII weaboo bullshit. Come on

  5. What happened to badass jrpgs? What's with all this extremely cutesy feminine rehashed cliche bullshit? jrpgs really are fucking dead, holy god.

  6. No offense to CGRundertow but… they don't exactly make the best reviews for games. In fact, blowing through the review with a mocking superiority complex and a sarcastic rehearsed tone without discussing pro's and cons for the game in question… You're better off with Mark from Inecomcompany (classic game room) or someone else that isn't CGRundertow.

    Seriously, try another reviewer like this one with his review of Atelier Ayesha:

  7. You guys gonna hop on Ayesha here soon so I can know whether or not it's worth picking up? There are literally no reviews of it on YouTube thus far.

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