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Classic Game Room – FAMILY GAME NIGHT 4: THE GAME SHOW review


Family Game Night 4 review. Classic Game Room reviews FAMILY GAME NIGHT 4: THE GAME SHOW which is hosted by Mr. Potato Head! Five games are included in Family Game Night 4 from Hasbro and EA: Bop It Boptagon, Yahtzee Bowling, Connect 4 Basketball, Scrabble Flash and Sorry! Sliders. Family Game Night 4 works with Kinect motion sensor on Xbox 360 and Playstation Move for PS3 to give waving, clashing, sliding and bowling action. All virtual board games in Family Game Night 4 also work with standard with controller controls that is sufficient and good enough to enjoy games in this collection. CGR Family Game Night 4 video review of Family Game Night 4 on Xbox 360 (wii and PS3) has gameplay from FGN 4, THE GAME SHOW! Chuck Norris forever!

Classic Game Room - FAMILY GAME NIGHT 4: THE GAME SHOW review

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  1. ARE YOU OBSESSED WITH CHUCK NORRIS? All you do is constantly talk about chuck norris is this stupid game.. You even talk like you're a TV host but nothing but a flamer. shut the fuck up.

  2. What is up with all of these Chuck Norris fans mentioning Chuck Norris in a review that has nothing to do with Chuck Norris. I'm sure even Chuck Norris himself would not understand why people keep mentioning "Chuck Norris" when there is no reason to mention Chuck Norris in a review which does not even feature Chuck Norris. So Chuck Norris fans, please quit mentiong Chuck Norris every sentence you type or else I just might have to call the real Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick you into next week

  3. You know Lord Karnage is Chuck Norris's CGR Codename just like how GamePro staff members use to have code names.

  4. I like to see reviews to get an idea of the game .. I watch videos of them and read reviews to see if it is a good fit for the family. If it works for us,, yes, I'll get a copy. What else would reviews be for? They are to help us make informed decisions before we buy something or use something.

  5. Reviews are usually best when they actually review the game.. not babble on and on about their mancrush on Chuck Norris…. I still don't know if you gave the game a review or just let us see clips while you tried to break a record for Chuck Norris remarks in something that has nothing at all to do with Chuck Norris.

  6. wikipedia org /wiki/Sega_Pico#Software

    Seriously why would this ever need to be memorized

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