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Commentary – NBA Live 06-10 (Xbox 360 Gameplay)


Commentary - NBA Live 06-10 (Xbox 360 Gameplay)


  1. This was my favorite live game, I was in middle school when this came out and I have so many good memories playing this game, it was amazing back then, this was the last year live beat 2k in basketball

  2. Why cant NBA Live just combine 08 09 10 and 14 all together signature go to moves-DNA-shoes/accessories-signature crossovers and combine all of that and you will the most complete game. Just add more blocking and rebounding and dunking/layup animations and Live would be in competition with 2k. 

  3. nba live wasn't really that bad you got to admit, it actually improved way better than the past ones

  4. I was done with live 07 came out I got that turd of a game day 1 was so pissed traded it in after only a hour of play. I didn't care what they gave me for the game was that bad. I mean is it me, but in 07 everybody looked like fucking zombies.

  5. Great video I used to play the hell out of NBA live 10 but can wait to see how the live 13 gone be

  6. is it me or did the sweat affect just disappear in later versions. i havent really noticed it the past few years

  7. NBA Unrivaled looks and probably feels like Tecmo NBA Basketball 2009. Not for the SNES, NES, or Genesis, no, for the XBOX 360 and PS3 with more "better" graphics, but same game play.

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