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Comparing the PS3 and the PS4


I compare the PS3 Slim and the PS4. I compare the console and the controllers.

Comparing the PS3 and the PS4


  1. I like ps3 slightly better because they have way more games and their very cheap save more spend less

  2. I think that PS4 is a little bit better than PS3, but any console isn't best. That PS4 have newest games but PS3 just a few of them like FIFA or NBA. That controller is much better on PS4, but however, it has not that good battery, but it doesn't matter at all. That way I see it

  3. PS3 is better. PS4 has no free online usage. And PS4 cannot even do something so simple as play DVDs. So f*** PS4. You literally pay $50 only for a party function.

  4. I was going to buy a PS4 until I found out you can't play bo1 on it so I'll stick to the PS3

  5. PS4 didn't bring any revolutionary as PS3 did. They just upgraded the power. Because now it's impossible to surpass PS3 by technologies. All the technologies such as Blue Ray, PSN, 3D, Wireless controllers were already on PS3. And there is nothing to improve. It's just a marketing product nothing more not like it was at the times of PS1, PS2, PS3 made by Kutaragin San. As a tradition PS was at the edge of new optical drive formats – PS1 – CD, PS2 – DVD, PS3 – Blue Ray. PS4 – nothing new.

  6. I have ps4 but it didn't impress me. I played it a few and turned back to PS3 which I upgraded from phat to slim and I'm completely satisfied with it. PS3 is better

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