Dark Void (PS3) Review

Dark Void (PS3) Review


Dark Void (PS3) Review


  1. I'm halfway through this game and damn its fun the controls are tight and it does have a few mechanics other 3rd ps don't have. The flight camera and controls worked well/didn't bother me at all and good music. The cyborg aliens you fight put up a decent fight having the game on normal btw and weapons are diverse/have impact and stick gernades are fun to explode. This reviewer obviously doesn't know what hes talking about and he sucks at playing. I say buy it, even the story is decent, bought it at gs yesturday for like 8 bucks def worth it!!!!! oh getting in/out of cover is FLUID as gears of war which I own all 4. OVERALL 7.5/8 OUT OF 10

  2. fuk this reviewer i'm going to play this game right now to see what hes talking about

  3. @nomanis2cool That's your opinion, not a fact. If you can't understand that then get the hell away from people who just want to enjoy games.

  4. yeah ps3 is better i know ur fans of the litlle prick sexbox but ps3 is better dont try to denie it its genius xbox is shit (true fact)

  5. That train has sailed. I don't like associating with companies that don't live up to agreements. Did you know YT invited me to be a partner in Feb of 2007 and then decided to take it back. Which is fine its there company. Still it goes with what a lot people say of YT becoming one sided. Still if it wasn't for them ignoring me I wouldn't be constantly getting offers do this for living. Kind of like how Game Zone hired me for my work.

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