Destiny. Demo To FULL GAME! Part 1.

Destiny. Demo To FULL GAME! Part 1.


Upgraded to the full game after trying the demo. Starting the game just looking abit around, before i begin the moon mission “The Dark Beyond”. It starts 6:10 in the video.

Full playlist is here:

The 7 part demo gameplay, that made me want to buy it:

Last story mission:

Expansion pass + reached lvl 20:

Take care! 😉

Destiny with all DLC’s:!/en-us/games/destiny-the-collection/cid=UP0002-CUSA00219_00-DSTCOLLECTION001

Destiny. Demo To FULL GAME! Part 1.


  1. Might be late but my friend has all the dlc but the destiny game is on disc, I downloaded the trial and it doesn't say demo it just says destiny, and I have the dlc so will it just automatically give me all the rise of iron and dlc for free because it is already downloaded

  2. i have a friend with the dlcs downloaded wouldnt that unlock the full game because the dlcs are like a part of the game that you have to b uy

  3. Somehow, I have destiny demo on my Xbox 360, then… I upgraded to an Xbox one,.., and downloaded the demo again… And I was in SHOCK, the demo let me pass the level cap (7) and I'm on 16 now, I also got to play crucible even though I didn't have gold… And unlocked EVERYTHING, cool huh?

  4. hi bro I have download the demo destiny but I got the desting dic , how u want me to play full version plz help

  5. I dont knowmif you still responf but I have destiny on ps3 and I have a ps4. I searched up some videos to see if you can get it for free or upgrade. I get the demo but I see people are saying that they unlock the moon and then they unlock the full game. How can I do this?

  6. so could you please walk me through on how you did it? i have the disc but i want my brother to have the full game as well? is it necessary for both of us to have the disc? please explain with details thank you

  7. Is there a way to buy it from the ps3 or do i need to buy it from a store – example: GameStop

  8. If I bought the digital version do I need to install the game again?(I have the demo on ps3)

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