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Differences Between Xbox 360 Arcade Pro & Elite


Differences Between Xbox 360 Arcade Pro & Elite

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  1. my bro whos older than me used to have the XBox 360 Elite. now he has a PS4. and i have a Wii U. strange but true…

  2. gamestop gave me a black 360 with 260gb for my white old 360 pro i think it had the chrome but think he upgraded me wow so much space plus its SO QUITE NO FAN NOICE

  3. the power cables are different as well, arcade power cords do not fit in the pro and vice versa not sure about the elite

  4. is goes like this
    xbox+slim controller

    xbox 360
    xbox 360 slim
    xbox 360 arcade
    xbox 360 pro
    xbox 360 elite
    xbox 360 E
    xbox one + all modles
    xbox one S
    coming soon ->>>>>>>xbox one scorpio/xbox 2

  5. I have an arcade and I have a question does the arcade last longer because I got it in 2012 and it hasn't red ringed

  6. that's a fkn ugly as Windows phone looking back 5 years now lmao

  7. i like the xbox 360 pro my xbox 360 has a 60 gig hdd my console is reliable and still works

  8. well Xbox slim has a slightly faster gpu the GPU off previous Xbox the clock speed is 500mhz. the slim is 550mhz

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