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Do I have warranty on my Xbox 360?


I bought a Xbox 360 slim from Wall-Mart on Black Friday and my tray broke and I did not buy warranty if I send it back to Wall-Mart can they fix it for free or do I have to pay?

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  1. past maybe the manufacturers warranty obviously not if it’s been so long.

    This kind of thing is why I always get the store warranty on expensive electronics.I know when I first got my 360 for xmas 7+ years ago, it RROD’d within a month, but I had the best buy warranty.

    .I’d actually gone back to the store w/ the purchase receipt right after xmas to get it before it happened cause my parents had initially forgotten.

    Man was I glad I did when it RROD’d. I took it back to best buy, they let me keep my hard drive and they swapped it then and there no problem.

  2. It should come with guarantee 60 days but if you didn’t shell out the 6 bucks to extend that for life then you must pay and walmart won’t repair it it’s gotta be through Microsoft if you had a warranty they’d exchange it for one that’s not broke and you’d keep the hard drive walmart doesnt usually do repairs

  3. What do you mean it broke? If someone broke it by accident that isn’t something covered by the warranty.

    Only hardware defects are covered, not accidental damage. Wal mart doesn’t handle warranty work anyways, Microsoft does so you’d be contacting them.

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