Dragon’s Crown PS3 HD Gameplay Compilation

Dragon’s Crown PS3 HD Gameplay Compilation


Dragon's Crown PS3 HD Gameplay Compilation


  1. This game looks awesome. Definitely a Vanillaware jewel. Reminds me a lot of old arcade side-scrolling RPG games like King Of Dragons and Golden Axe (w/ tits)

  2. The underrated game that got bad reviews because tits. But when Conan the Barbarian is plastered in the game with nothing but a loin cloth, no complaints.

  3. This game looks fabulous! It reminds me of Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire. Do you guys know any games similar to these?

  4. Atlus, the same company who made Demons Souls.
    This is basically a side scroller souls game. It's awesome.

  5. This game SUCKS…

    …the essence of FUN right into its CORE! ;D

    Reminds me of Dungeons&Dragons or those other arcade games… Heh, I guess it's supposed to. 😛

  6. This game looks good, but i have to ask because i cant tell through watching videos..how difficult is it? and how long is it ? thank you

  7. I have to say, the women in this game are one of the most retarded "over sexualised" characters that I've ever seen. The designers don't seem to know how anatomy works.

  8. When the Japanese try to do a western, D&D themed, video game. And as usual they miss the point with their ridicules non believable characters. If you are making a game that's so ridicules looking, with character designs which are obviously a parody of the genre, you need to at list make the game self-aware. Now this game just feels awkward.

  9. Those character designs look hideous.
     The amazon chick looks the absolute worst in gaming history.

  10. Wow Vanillaware really lost their flare…. I used to and still love Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire but this is….just…. I don't know… It doesn't look like a Vanillaware game to me :/

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