EyePet Gameplay walkthrough

EyePet Gameplay walkthrough


EyePet Gameplay walkthrough


  1. @bexsaurus8 no anywhere is fine. Like ur bed or whatever. The proffesor teaches you how to set up

  2. In need to play this game, do you need a table infront of you? This game seems pretty pointless

  3. can someone help me
    how do u unlock red bandana for head gear i need it for the hevey metal programe

  4. go too gogle images and type in eyepet magic card find the one thats just good for you go to microsoft make it bigger and print it (lamintae it so its better). iv done it it works!

  5. omg i never believed it but its true xbox copied ps3 look at natal and look at 2:02

  6. i have it…it come with.

    i recomend the game theres always somthing to do and a great sensor game

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