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Facebook App For Xbox! (360)


Facebook App For Xbox! (360)

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  1. To me it's only useful if it can post all of my achievements automatically to the Facebook. Can it do it?

  2. Hello, thanks for upload but when I go I will open the file I get an error "Either the archive is in unknown format or damaged" I can not walk through the folders to find the file for me to move to the pen-drive

    can you help me?

  3. This aplication makes ban for xbox or not? and how to configurate usb to the pc no xbox and this aplication or other makes the ban of the console?

  4. hahaha, ok please post a link here as well for that "major step" 😉
    Thanks so much, Joshua.

  5. heya Joshua, now i configured my usb stick with my xbox, but when i drag the downloaded file to my flashdrive and connect afterwards to the xbox, i cant see that file on the xbox. I went, as you showed to games&apps on the flash drive on my xbox, but it's empty.
    Is there a specific place i should drag the downloaded file into? maybe make an extra folder on the "xbox configured usb stick" ? or what's the "magic" solution? 😉
    Thanks so much in advance, Joshua 🙂

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