Home Videos Final Fantasy XV New PS4 Gameplay – We’ve Played It!

Final Fantasy XV New PS4 Gameplay – We’ve Played It!


Final Fantasy XV New PS4 Gameplay - We've Played It!


  1. Hey guys i like open world games so i was wondering is this game worth the cash for me ?? I had fallout 4 but i really did not like it and i havent played ff before . So let me know if it is good or like fallout 4 cos it seems pretty good here but shud not be bad when i get it

  2. I played a demo of this game at a convention, the framrate was terrible and the hair looked really bad. Is that fixed?

  3. This was played on a normal PS4 right? not Ps4 pro, if so, im totally staying in my ps4. looks enough beautyfull and fluently to me.

  4. final fantasy means 3 things to me 1 the music 2 the story line 3 the feels
    i honestly love the turn based game play but as long its not a hack and slash I'm happy btw my first ff was V and have played everyone since then ( granted I bearly played 11 and 14 ) MMO arnt really my thing

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