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GameSpot Reviews – Catherine (PS3, Xbox 360)


Catherine casts a spell over Kevin VanOrd in this video review.

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GameSpot Reviews - Catherine (PS3, Xbox 360)

Catherine Review


  1. Good thing I didn't buy this shit I fucking hate hard games
    I saw dark soul 2 some days ago almost for free I said no thank u

  2. I want to play Catherine but at the same time I'm afraid that I will be too frustrated on the puzzel-platforming and possibly not finishing the game because of that :/

  3. you feel the stress alright…trying to solve those damn puzzles. My god i was having dreams about those damn things. Thank god I finished that game. Loved the story to death, it speaks to me very much so , the puzzles were brutal.

  4. This is one of the most addictive games I've ever played!A leftfield gem.More developers take note….Originality is a GOOD THING!!

  5. Just downloaded this & can't wait to finish watching this so I can jump straight into what looks like a unique masterpiece!!

  6. Boss reminds me of the most interesting man in the world. Which is fitting because he works at a bar.

  7. This is a wonderful game and extremely rewarding…IF you can stick with it's sadomasochistic difficulty for hours on end, with the reward being your own personal perseverance. Happy climbing!

  8. Catherine isn't shit. If you don't like puzzle games, don't judge a puzzle game.
    You could leave a bad impression on someone who enjoys a game that makes them THINK!

  9. PS+ Got it for 3 months… £11.99…

    Got this, BF3 tomorrow as i sold my disc, Payday the Heist which looked like a good game when I played it on trial, Ico and SOTC. Which was an old time favourite and Uncharted 3 which I somehow missed yet played the other 2!!

    Love it!!!!!!! 😀

  10. Lol I got this game via PlayStation Plus and for me… it was just pure shit… I'm just gonna go through the cut scenes on YouTube later if I'm interested in the story lol.

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