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GameSpot Reviews – Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


GameSpot Reviews - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. This game franchise changed completely, from a good first person shooter to a cheap 3rd person Gears of War imitation

  2. Are the multiplayer servers on the game still active? A few friends and myself are thinking of picking it up, if they are.

  3. Please make a number 2 with necrons and dark angels veterans armour online thats about all that number 2 could do with ohh and more maps 

  4. I got this game at Gamestop for only $10 and I loved it! The game took me about 10-11h to finish the single player campaign. The game in 5 parts and 17 chapters, the best one being the last two. There is a great variety of weapons and enemies to kill. The first 11 chapters of the game you kill mainly only orcs but afterwards you kill demons and corrupt ultra marine soldiers. The graphics and the soundtrack are amazing! The framerate is super solid even when there are 30 enemies attacking you at the sametime, I only encountered two minor glitches on the entire game. Something else I loved on the game are the checkpoints, they are well scattered throughout the levels. My only complain about the game is the lack of bosses….but besides that this game is a perfect mix of hack and slash and third person shooter. Id give a solid 9.0 to Space Marine!!!

  5. i like how there is so little to the game to like he just keeps over saturating the violence with adjectives

  6. I did like this ive tried playin and beatin it a few times I always get to certain point and stop playin some kind of block or parry system would have made it better the fact you roll around to dodge just seems weird for someone that huge

  7. "Through the destruction of our enemies do we earn our salvation!" Mindless murder works for me!

  8. This game is actually EXTREMELY under-rated on all levels and it has since been given free DLC and paid DLC since this video was made

  9. ha this commentary dude has no idea of the universe of 40k,? really 'you head back into mindless murder' saying this as if  chaos, Orcs deserve to live? psh with talking about the spacing or higher difficulties? 

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