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GameSpot Reviews – WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Review


GameSpot Reviews - WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Review


  1. I used to love Smackdown vs Raw. When I was younger I think I had the 2007 one, and it was bloody awesome! I loved everything about it, the music, the sounds, the blood pouring from peoples faces. So with this in mind I thought I'd get back into it and buy the latest one. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! I was expecting something mind blowing, but instead I got something that…just doesn't feel like it used to. And everything looks cartoony =/

  2. I'm glad they took out the guys beating girls mode. Do you know how many times I caught my boys playing Just to beat up their moms character..lol the now ex wife! I didn't want them to grow up beating on women! Or their mom.

  3. My biggest gripe is you can't pit female characters against males and vice versa in SD/Raw 2010, apart from that stupid ass mixed tag nonsense. Earlier editions allowed it, and older games like Day of Reckoning, Legends of Wrestling, and Attitude did so as well. 2010 would have been perfect, had it not been for that big flaw.

  4. Which, in itself, is worth than 2010 – go out and buy 2010 if you don't already have it 🙂

  5. If I buy this on the playstation store do I still have to get the online access pass? Plz help me

  6. that mickie vs natalya vs beth match happened in a storyline thq gave us allready when the game came out

  7. The last wwe game i played was wwe ladgeneds, that game sucked ass, are the controls like wwe ledgends in this?

  8. @ThugEmpire101 wow youve got to be kidding me.. 2009? i would have AT LEAST thought you would say 2011 is best.. 09? really?

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