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GameStop’s Stock Tanks After Xbox Game Pass Announcement


GameStop's Stock Tanks After Xbox Game Pass Announcement


  1. Gamestop can go fuck themselves after they ripped me off by sending me a broken 2ds. The damn thing didn't recognize any game cards.

  2. don't think used games will ever truly die off for example steam is still trying to sell a game for $60 like call of duty black ops 2 and that's a 5-year-old game no one's going to pay that price for an old game

  3. fuck digital bullshit! real gamers prefer physical copies! fuck this generation and its pathetic digital dependence! go back to hash tagging your retarded opinons on piece of shit twitter! fucking losers!

  4. The great depression was simply widespread panic. There's a report of an unnamed butcher who went to the streets and said the banks were out of money, and the rest is history. The fragility of the collective consciousness, never ceases to baffle me.

  5. I want physical copies because I can play them without Internet (if it goes or the bill isn't payed).

    My next reason is because I hate downloading games because of how long they take, if I buy a game id rather download a ten minute patch than wait for a full 60gb download that takes 9 hours.

    My next reason is because I can take the game round a friends or let him borrow it because if I bought it digital id have to game share.

    My next reason is that I love the disc art and having cases because I can enjoy seeing all the games i spent my money on

    My next reason is simply that I can get them cheap from bootfairs or mates

    My last reason is that I love unwrapping the plastic and getting the factory new smell

  6. As an investor, I would never buy Gamestop stock because I knew that the digital distribution will harm GS profit. In my opinion, I do think Gamestop would end up selling to Best Buy or Amazon or go bankrupt like Radio Shack.

  7. When consoles go full digital, I'll be full PC gamer. I'm not going to buy digital in Sony or MS walled gardens. No one with any sense is going to pay 60+ dollars for a digital game on consoles. Luckily for Sony and MS, there are a lot of morons out there lol.

  8. What is it about ReviewTechUSA's topics on Gamestop that just makes them so fucking laughable? All these topics convey is that they embarass themselves. Jeez, they used to be good. For real.

  9. $10 a month when I can buy almost any old game for $10? What the hell is the point? I know people will eat this up because it's convenient, but for 1 year of the sub you could physically buy every game they have available! I hate this shift toward subscription rather than ownership, like with Spotify, Netflix and now this. I prefer to buy games digitally, but when you can't just outright own the content and are forced into a streaming or sub service, it really is just milking the consumer!

  10. i will stick to physical games for as long as i can. There's just something special about picking up a single game at the store nd unboxing it. Specifically just "one" game, a feeling u dont get with mass download of x number of games on steam or whatever.

  11. Why would I buy a digital version of a new game when the physical copy will be in a steel case with a statue or some other crazy shit that a digital copy won't give you. I'm still pissed that I bought the gears4 console and it didn't come with the steel book case. it came with a digital "FUCK you" download. I'm a collector and this was very upsetting.

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