How do you connect an xbox 360 to a tv that doesn’t...

How do you connect an xbox 360 to a tv that doesn’t have the white or yellow connector port things.?


The red, yellow, and white ports in the back, my tv doesn’t have them. Do I gotta buy something, if so, what?

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  1. RF adapter is what you need it plugs into the cable can find them at radioshack or gamestop they most likely will have one.if not check ebay or

  2. It’s called an RF Modulator. Sometimes it’s also referred to as an RF Adaptor. It’s pretty easy to find at any major electronics store like Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc.

  3. I’m assuming your TV has a coaxial input ( looks like this [url is not allowed]).

    If so, you need an RF modulator. You can get one from Radio Shack ([url is not allowed]). You could probably get one for much cheaper if you shop around at Ebay, etc.

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