Home Playstation Forum How many people still play cod4(ps3)?

How many people still play cod4(ps3)?


And are there tons of hackers now like on mw2?

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  1. not much actually all the cod4 hackers have gone to mw2 but now that black ops came out i think u know already that its gona be full of players but some of them (my friends on XBL)have gone back from black ops to mw2

  2. i have played cod 4 frist one for a bit online and i have only played 1 hacked game like the other guy said all hackers went too mw2 , on cod4 mw1 there are loads of players still playing on ps3 , you only wait a few seconds and your playing so there must be loads online
    i feel mw1 is better not sure why

  3. Both CoD4 and MW2 have been ruined by hackers, It’s hard to find a game that isn’t modded with super-fast sprint, unlimited ammo etc.

    CoD4 does still have a large audience base though.

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