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How much money and time does it cost to fix XBOX 360, red ring of death?


How much money and time does it cost to fix XBOX 360, red ring of death

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  1. It’s FREE!

    Call Xbox support @ 1-(800) 469-9269 [(800) 4my-xbox]

    Tell them the problem with your Xbox 360; they’ll go through some troubleshooting with you. If it doesn’t work then they’ll input a repair order. Always ask whether or not the problem is covered by your warranty. If it’s not, then ask how much it will cost to fix.

    Be sure to write down the reference number they give you.

    They will send you via UPS a box containing two pieces of foam, a dust-guard bag, packaging tape strip, a form asking you to check off the reason you’re sending in the Xbox 360 (this is just in case there is a mix-up with labels and they’ll know what to look for), a pre-paid shipping label, and finally directions on what to do to send in your Xbox 360.

    Remove all accessories, cords, USB appliances, hard drives, and memory cards from your Xbox 360 console. Place your console in the dust-guard bag, tape it shut. Put the pieces of foam on both sides of the Xbox 360 console, and then place it in the box. Fill out the form explaining what’s wrong with your Xbox 360, and place it in the box. Write on a blank piece of paper your name, physical address, phone number, and repair order reference number; then place in the box.

    Seal the box with the strip of packaging tape included in the package. Then place the shipping label on the box, and drop off the package at a UPS drop off station. Your best bet is to find a UPS Store.

  2. umm

    sending to microsoft well microsoft dont fix them on the spot not that easy of job they takje your xbox and give u other xbox

    1 year on any problem and a 3 year warrenty for rrod and btw rrod is not everything its only 1,2,4 on start button red and if you open your system then u have to pay whitch is 107 bucks after tax

  3. It cost nothing as long as you still got your warranty and all you gotta do is ship it to microsoft and want 1-3 weeks

  4. it depends on how long you have had it so if u just bought it you should have a warranty i am not sure about how much it will cost if u have it for a while but when mine broke it took about 3 months call 18004myxbox for help

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