Home Xbox Forum how to fix xbox 360 with to red lights?

how to fix xbox 360 with to red lights?


my fans are really load loader than usal left it for ages but still comes up with 2 red lights

any idea how to fix it and what it is if it not overheating?


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  1. Ring xbox customer support.

    They will help you fix it and if not send it in an they will fix it.

  2. I had this problem when i barely turned it on goes to the 2 red lights, i couldnt send it since my warranty was out,i opened my xbox 360 there was a whole bunch of dust,after that it didnt have the two red lights anymore. Dont open up your xbox 360 if you have warranty;call microsoft and see what they say if it needs to be repaired then they will ask for your information.Hope this helps


    My xbox 360 would go to 2 red lights after 5 min of being turned on with a disk inside.

  3. alright kid i have opend up numerous xbox 360’s and i have seen some of them have what you have and here are the rreasons one you have either opend up your xbox and tryied to fix it your self and after doing so you screwed on the screws to tight (if you did the three red light fix) or two the sauder and thermal past is not doing its job right so here is what you have to do open the xbox take a look at the chips that are hidden under the two heat sinks and then get some arctice silver five thermal paste and thermal paste purifier and remover and the clean off the crappy microsoft thermal paste and then put on your arctice silver five thermal paste (this kind of themal paste is suitable for the extreme heat build up that occurs under the heat sinks, the crappy microsoft thermal paste isn’t) then turn on your xbox for exactly 3.5 minutes and then take a towel and pik up the xbox and screw on the heat sinks again. this site will help you

    [url is not allowed]

    good luck ps this guide helped me fix my first xbox then i made my self a buisnes of fixing xboxes 🙂

  4. dont know how to fix it but i can guarantee that 2 lights = overheating. maybe buying a new fan will fix it.

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