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How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One


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On today’s Kotaku Howtu, we go over the Xbox One backwards compatibility update, and how to install previously downloaded Xbox 360 games on your console (provided they’re supported)

How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One


  1. when I try to play my xbox 360 bioshock infinite disc it loads but it says it needs a xbox 360 storage device

  2. It's so BS. My Xbox one is a hand me down so I can't play any of my 100+ Xbox 360 games and I don't know how to fix it!

  3. please help me, I downloaded halo reach but i get a force quit everytime i try to start up a level

  4. when I go over to the right I don't got no games over there but I had bought a lot of games off the market Like gta and stuff

  5. I have an old xbox 360 that has a bunch of games and its on the same xbox live account it is on the xbox one they are not appearing in my games and apps what do I do?

  6. "Not that hard"……The sentry bot i had to fight mutated to legendary…………….

  7. I'm confused okay. I got Madden 16 on my Xbox 360 through the Xbox 360 store (it was downloaded) and now it's on my account. but when i got on my Xbox one i couldn't find the download for it. What is that about do i have to re buy my madden 16 for the Xbox one to play it. because i feel like a dumbass because i think i have to rebuy the shit.

  8. I really hate to be a greedy little shit here but why can't we have all Xbox 360 games on Xbox one since it's not hard to make video games at 1080p then why can't we have all of them

  9. If you have an Xbox 360 disc and you put it in the Xbox One, will it need internet to download the file necessary to play it? I mean if you already have the November 2015 update and your currently offline.

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