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How to put a PS3 background?


Can you download a PS3 background from the PS3 or do you have to download it from a computer and then put that on your PS3?

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  1. the ps3 is technically a computer. go online save a picture to your hardrive then go view it and their will be an option to make it your background.its kinda common knowledge. are you technologically impaired?

  2. You can either get a theme off the ps store (most of them are free), or you can search around the internet for some. You can also use any picture you may have on your hard drive and use it as your background.

  3. Get a theme – They are available on PSN (most free) or you can even find many customized themes if you search the internet (through PC or PS3)

  4. You can download Themes, and you can download photos to be used as a background, from the PS3.

    You can download themes and photos from the PSN Store. You can also use websites. When downloading Themes, you will press a link from the site you are downloading from (when not using the PSN Store). You can download any photo by pressing the triangle button on the page that has the photo you want. Once the menu comes up (press triangle), go to File, then save the photo. You can now access the pictures in your PHOTO section. Themes are accessed in the Themes Menu: XMB > Settings > Theme Settings

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