I brought an Xbox game on Ebay, it was supposed to here...

I brought an Xbox game on Ebay, it was supposed to here on 24th – 25th August, It did not arrive?


I emailed the seller asking them why, they replied saying they were busy and would post it the following day on 26th August. and it would arrive on the 27th, it’s still not here. do you think ive been ripped off or should I wait longer since I’m in the UK, It’s one o’ clock here :/

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  1. Gabrielle Eloise Clementine Sanderson-Mellish, you should be more patient. Sometimes the postal service just isn’t very good. I’m sure you haven’t been ripped off, it doesn’t really work like that on ebay.

    Wait until Monday or Tuesday before worrying. Then email them again and ask them what’s going on. If they don’t have a good explanation by Tuesday, then you can see about complaining to ebay and getting your money back.

    If ripping people off on ebay was as easy as getting paid for something and then just not sending it, then everyone would do it and no-one would use ebay. Ebay is a secure system in which a third party (paypal) usually holds the money. Sellers and Buyers are all held to account by terms and conditions that are there to protect everyone. It is a system that works, and that’s why millions of pounds of commerce is done there daily.

    The worst you will get is they advertise a game as new and when it arrives, it clearly isn’t. I’ve had that one before. In which case you can take it up with them if you want, or ebay if it’s that serious, or simply give them bad feedback.

    I hope this helps, and I hope your game arrives soon. 😉

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