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I need to know axctly what i need to start posting youtube gameplay/commentary?


ok so i want to know everything i will need(for xbox 360).im getting a roxio game capture hd pro but is that all that I need,and if I do need something else where can I find it sort of cheap thanks for all the answers in advance and have a nice day

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  1. Well yes you need the capture card. But you also might need a special microphone if your going to be doing commentarys and talking in your videos. And also make sure that the capture card you get works for your tv. If your new at this capture card stuff then you should ask or do further research to make sure you don’t waist money on a capture card that doesn’t even work for your tv. And I know you were talking about finding cheap items but if your really going to be into the gaming and this is something your going to take seriously then you might need a nice headset and I’m guessing its optional to get a broadcasting microphone that you can buy in music stores. I hope this helped!

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