#IDARB Review (Xbox One)

#IDARB Review (Xbox One)


#IDARB Review (Xbox One)


  1. Should I get this game? It's been free on the Xbox Store for the longest time and I'm tired of looking at it.

  2. I just downloaded this game and holy crap it is one of the most fun indies I've ever played. Matches are a bit short but the game is extremely entertaining and fast paced! 9/10

  3. How are you gonna bash indies that are on the ps4 and then give indies (8bit indies which I thought you hated mind you) a fucking 9? You are such a hypocrite!

  4. dude just cause you were able to interview the developer doesn't mean you have to gush over this game! it's Horrible it's free cause you have to be brain damaged to pay hard Earned cash for this cluster f!ck (the strongest thing is the audio) it's pure garbage the worst Indie/Arcade title in the last couple of years! if Gammers had help in making this Game they are complete jerk-offs (I honestly doubt Gammers had a say in making this it's PR BS) Microsoft made this title free cause it could never draw a dime! it's worth getting free to see how terrible a indie game can truly be

  5. I find it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally funny that ponys talk shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhit about the xbox one but there games other than no mans sky are doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooog shit.

  6. Wanting to dance a jig if sony goes under is sad.  I dont care much for msoft but I'd hate to see them go bankrupt.  Competition is good.  I'm sure you lost a lot of respect from the gaming community. 

  7. +CrapgamerReviews hey Crap can you something about that idiot called Earl Walker that is spamming shit in your comment session?

  8. Pffffft Goty right HERE lmfao these nigga praising an indie mario wanna be game omg these xtwats lost there damn minds!

  9. now you love indies for looking like nes games where not long ago you bashed mercenary kings for that exact reason hypocrite confirmed

  10. "It's a new take on the eSports genre and is one of the fastest paced competitive games you'll ever play."
    No, this has nothing to do with eSports. No million dollar prize fund championships, no sponsored teams and events. 
    Its not any more fast paced than any other team based game i've seen. 

  11. I'm more of an xbox person than ps but I will say I found nothing entertaining about this. Extremely ok. But I have looked at other games on ps you and others said were crappy indies. Hmm starting to a trend.

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