IGN Reviews – Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Game Review

IGN Reviews – Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Game Review


IGN Reviews - Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Game Review

GameSpot Reviews - Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PS3, Xbox 360)


  1. I remember trying out the demo of SF3 Online Edition not long after it came out, though what made me decide to buy the full game was not the fighters, the visuals, or my love of Street Fighter in general. It was the character select screen theme and the VS screen jingle. XD

  2. I don't know about you guys, but I've been playing Street Fighter 4 and its various versions since it came out, and I JUST played Third Strike for the first time today…and I like Chun Li AAAA LOOOOOT more than in SF4…that is all.

  3. I think the Dreamcast version feels a lot better than the PS3, haven't decided if it's the controller or the port yet. I own both so its not nostalgia

  4. A steep learning curve? Yall are pussies, this is why china is kicking our ass. If you think a fighting video game has a steep learning curve, try programming nanobots to remove shit out of your ass and see how steep that learning curve is you shitty ass stupid, pussified, motherfuckers, quit being such giant loser, dumb, pussies.

  5. If u wanna see a real fight go on my channel iv only got one fight so far but its a sick fight

  6. These games are better when played on Dreamcast and the consoles that they originally launched from.

  7. man my hand is so fucked from playing this game. got my fightstick and was playing this game last night on ma ps3. i had won 12 ranked matches in a row but ma hand is fucked from playing so long

  8. You need skill to play this game, seriously if you're good in Street Fighter 4 you might as well leave this alone. This is a "true" fighting game, button mashing & spamming won't help you here

  9. "what it lacks in looks" ah man, that hurts. I think it's a great looking game.

  10. I know dude I get owned everytime I play lol I've learned enough to do damage before I die. Problem for me is that its 2 d and when going agains fireball characters sucks cause you can only jump over it and if you do you get a shoruiken for doing that sooo gay. I like 3D fighter way better cause you can dodge those attacks by moving to the side you should check out Dragon Ball Raging blast 2 you can fly in it and Naruto Shippuden Ninja storm 2 epic games no huge learning curve and more combos.

  11. I wish Street Fighter was one of those games that was easy to learn, impossible to master. I found Street Fighter IV's learning curve to be steep. I can't imagine what Street Fighter III is like if the reviewer is saying it's steeper than that of Street Fighter IV.

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