Home Playstation Forum is prototype videogame any good? for ps3?

is prototype videogame any good? for ps3?



  1. No. It’s absolute TRASH. The graphics suck, there is absolutely no story and the gameplay is OKish. Will be fun for the first half and hour and then it will feel like a chore to go through the entire game.

    IMO, if you really want a superhero game, then go for Infamous. It’s much better.

    Prototype is the worst 50$ I have spent. Trust me IT’S ABSOLUTE TRASH!!

  2. I thought it was pretty fun. The graphics are good, but kind of a let down, because i have high def and the game only puts out 720 🙁 But It was fun. The story is ok but hard to follow if you miss any videos. Its fun because you can jump a country mile, glide, eat anybody at anytime and look like them and know what they know. pick up heavy * and throw it. You can morph your hands into claws, swords, big rocks to bash stuff with, and a stretchy grabby type arm thing. Run up walls. Its fun. I have it and i liked it better then InFamous. InFamous would of been better if glide was one of the first powers you get. Noone wants to slowly jog everywhere lol.

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