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Is ps3 sold more than xbox 360?


i was asking if anyone could telll me cause all i know is tha ps3 is about 1 million units behind 360 i wanted to know the comparrison after th holiday season so if anyone could wait until that time and tell me or just give me the sales as of now ps. i like ps3 doesnt u have to put ps3 has more sales than 360 if thats true then put it if not then dont.

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  1. the 360 has been taking the sales charts for 3 straight months now. you’re right. the PS3 is well indeed about 1 million units behind. but on average, the wii is dominating over the 360 and PS3 combined!!

    but one a decade average, the PS2 dominates every 3 of those systems. it goes as follows.

    1. PS2

    2. Wii

    3. 360

    4. PS3

    i love my PS3 too, but people seem to search for too low prices these days.

  2. according to vgchartz the xbox 360 is leading the ps3 by 3.9 million units worldwide, and nearly 10 million units in the united states.

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