Home Xbox Forum is the game ‘Skyrim’ for xbox good?

is the game ‘Skyrim’ for xbox good?


I’m thinking of buying Skyrim for the xbox. I’d be greatful if you could give me some information? Like where is it set, what do you do/whats your goal, who are you in the game? And, can you play it on the old Xbox? the one under Xbox 360?

Things like that ;D

Thanks! ;D

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  1. it is good it is set in the mythical land of skyrim with dragons elves and other mythical creaters

  2. That is a subjective question. I frickin love the game, but I love RPGs. I don’t get into sports games because that’s not my thing, but someone who plays those almost exclusively might hate Skyrim. To put it one way Skyrim was awarded Game of the year by two separate sources (G4 and VGAs) and with good reason.

  3. If you have a decent PC gaming rig, get it for that.

    If not, then get it for Xbox 360. You will still have plenty of fun playing it, it is a very IMMENSE game, its staggering how large it is, how much stuff is in it, and how long you will be playing it (and surprisingly, the install size is only 3.5 GBs or so).

    Its set in the land of Skyrim, north of Cyrodill (where Oblivion was set), and its a medieval-fantasy game, kind of set in a land of the Nords (vikings), so theres plenty of mountains, snow, northern European accents, etc.

    Your goal: whatever you want to be. You can do the main quest. Or just go town to town doing sidequests. Or if you want to be a thief, or a warrior, or a mage or an assassin, there are “guilds” for each, and they have excellent quest/storylines.

    Or, you can simply wander around the immense landscape, and take it all in, kill some bandits or saber cats, and your occasional Dragon (you actually get to fight them.alot of them), pick flowers, catch butterflies, and look up at the gorgeous Aurora Borealis at night.

    Stop spending time here, and go pick it up.

  4. You need any version of the Xbox 360 to run it. You can play it on ps3 or a good PC that has the running requirements. Its set in a place called Skyrim and basically an evil dragon called Alduin has started resurrecting all the dragons in an attempt to take over the land. You are the Dragonborn, the only one capable of destroying the dragons. You can pick whatever race you want to be, all of which have their own attributes eg. Dark Elves have a high resistance to fire, Nords have a high resistance to cold etc.

    There is that main quest where you need to fight Alduin but the game is a free roaming game. So there are hundreds of other side quests you can do and you can join guilds eg. thieving guild, the Dark Brotherhood (Assassins) etc. You’ll spend most of the time exploring and questing and theres more than enough to keep you occupied for days.

    Not to mention all the skills to raise eg. Archery, Sneaking, Pickpocketing, One Handed, Two Handed, Enchanting, Alchemy, 4 different schools of magic and a couple others that i can’t remember off the top of my head.

    It’s a game well worth buying and very addictive.

  5. It’s very addictive! Very, very addictive! If you dont have much time, dont buy it as I have only touched the surface and it’s 15 hours on so far!

    It wont work on an old xbox, only a 360 though.

    Hope this helps.

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