King of Wushu – E3 Dev Preview

King of Wushu – E3 Dev Preview


King of Wushu - E3 Dev Preview

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  1. wow this looks like a cluster fuck with those small lanes and minions running around

  2. Why the fuck is the minion so small like smite, the wushu warrior is not even a god. This is a 100% ripoff

  3. Is it a bit to much like smite? yeah sure but i perfer this setting and from the things im hearing with how they feel its open to how to play it (rather than smite feeling like it tries to force you to play a certain way) Im acutally pretty stoked for this!

  4. a) let me play the game, on meh pc
    b) give it ranked
    c) have sponsored community tournaments
    d)update it every 2 weeks to a month
    e) hire a moba department because this guy obviously doesn't know anything about mobas.
    Thats how this game becomes successful

  5. lol moba freaks always claiming  things as clones
    this looks more like dynasty warriors than anything else

  6. I love that they are making my favorite game type for console now :) I love smite and mobas like gigantic so I'd love to give this a try. If it sucks you can always uninstall it

  7. this is insane man im so hyped for this game. I really hope snail pulls thru for the wushu fans, we deserve this

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