Home Playstation Games Let’s Play Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Level 1: Woodward Camp

Let’s Play Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Level 1: Woodward Camp


Let's Play Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Level 1: Woodward Camp


  1. I got pissed off at the grin 525 meters on this level. I don't know how I done it but I did complete and I freaked out at the age I was being 9

  2. You can make every gap in the rail grind of over 525ft. You gotta do specific grinds that position you the right way to jump to the next rail.

  3. I must say, you're pretty good at this game. I've been playing this game for over 10 years, and I suck compared to you.

  4. God, that 525 feet grind was easily the hardest trick in the entire game, this trick in specific gave me such a hard time when it was first released! Man, the memories.

  5. This game is like a huge forgotten part of my life. I played it so much and never remembered it till now.

  6. if you don't remember slim Jim guy then you're a stupid ass bitch that clearly never played it. also, its not a Tony hawk rip off DUMB ASS

  7. 8:35 I love that it had rag doll physics though. I would always crash on purpse cause the bails were awesome and way better looking then thps bails during the time

  8. laproxima mostra el shostik a la camara cuando ases trucos porque si no no sabemos

  9. You didn't have to grind 525 feet while having ground on one of those rails to complete the task, you had to grind at least 525 feet anywhere, then grind on any part of the highlighted rail before breaking the trick combo.

  10. Lmao, I used to love this game, I played the first level a couple days ago, got through it, though, I was drunk off my ass. Idk if I'd ever be able to play this game again (sober). When I was a kid, I never played the Tony Hawk games, maybe that's why I loved this game so much 😛

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