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Madden NFL 10 Review


Madden NFL 10 Review


  1. I remember this game came out early August. Back in highschool the whole month of August was playing madden 10 all day after finishing up 2-a-days of football practice.

  2. Best Madden game I've had (I stopped getting them after Madden 13 though). The only real downer for me is the in game commentary. It's really, REALLY, bad.

  3. To me this is the worst madden I've ever played smh how can people say this is great do they not see the running animation smdh

  4. U know Madden NFL 10 Superstar does not have an apartment interior. How is that so hard? Madden NFL 06 – Madden NFL 12 on the PS2 had apartment interiors.

  5. I loved working on this game. Thought it was the best Madden in a while back then. I'm glad the review was mostly positive. Great trip down memory lane.

  6. This is the best and most underrated madden of them all the halftime report is great and extra point it's not sloppy

  7. Years later ea would take out a lot of the features that were great and they would have possibly improved on.

  8. Madden 10 had its bullshit once it came to receivers but looking back on it 4 years later, it was a GIANT step up from it's predecessors. 

  9. Madden '11 and '12 got the exact same score … 8.0 … this got an 8.9 even though the negatives were the same as the first two. How does that work? Is it a higher score because it was better than Madden '09?

  10. Not gonna lie Madden 10 was when EA was starting to get on the right track and then for some reason they just fell off again

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