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My ps3 hada corrupted hardrive and the screen pops up to restore it and it goes an does that and it keep having me restoreit how do i fixit?



  1. you can try cancelling the restore process then using safe mode to restore the ps3 system and do a format but it that won’t work you will need to get a new hard drive for your ps3

  2. Your hard drive is irreparably damaged. It cannot be restored or reformatted. You’ll have to buy a new hard drive, install it, and reinstall the PS3 firmware.

    You can easily do this yourself. You will need:

    * An internal laptop SATA hard drive, up to 1TB in size.

    * A USB thumbdrive, 1GB size or larger.

    * Small philips (+) screw driver.

    Using your PC, download the latest PS3 firmware from Sony.com. You do not want the update, you want the FULL version which is about 300MB in size. Follow the directions on the website on how to label the folder on your Thumbdrive and put the firmware file inside that folder. If you don’t, the PS3 won’t be able to find it.

    Unplug all the cables from your PS3. Locate the hard drive bay and remove the hard drive caddy. Your PS3 manual has details on this. Remove the screws holding the old drive in the caddy, remove the old drive, and put in your new drive. Replace the screws. Reinsert the caddy into the PS3 and close it up. Reattach the cables to the PS3. Insert the thumbdrive with the firmware on it.

    Power on the PS3. It will complain the hard drive is blank, and give you an option to install the firmware. Select the option to install from USB. The installation will take a few minutes.

    When it’s completed, reboot the PS3 and remove the thumbdrive. Your PS3 should come up in the initial setup mode. Go through the setup, including the network setup. Log in with your existing PSN account. Finally, go to the System menu and check the storage to ensure the drive is properly recognized. For instance if you used a 1TB drive you should have about 990GB free.

    Any games, DLC, or movies you bought with your PSN account can be redownloaded. Go to the Download Manager to choose what you want to download.

    Unfortunately any save game files you had on the hard drive that were not being backed up to the Cloud (a feature of PS+) are gone. They were lost when your old hard drive died. If you were backing up save files to the cloud, they will be downloaded to your new hard drive automatically.

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