1. Yeah, call Microsoft and tell them everything that happened. They will help you recover your account.

    And don’t fall for that again.


  2. if you have access to your email, click the forgot my password link on xbox.com when you sign in, it will send a confirmation to YOUR email address as long as the guy doesn’t know the password to that too. from there you will be able to change the password to whatever you want possibly with some other account info only you know, security questions etc.

  3. sorry, they will NOT help. Other than possibly ban the account indefinitely – which really only helps you by making sure this guy/girl doesnt use your credit card info to buy MS points, etc.

    not only did you something foolish, but it was against the rules and regulations of XBOX live, which you agreed to not break once you clicked “i accept” and created the account.

    Call microsoft, and tell them to ban the account – that’s all they can/will do.


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