NBA Live 2008 – (XBOX360) – Kevin Durants Rookie Debut In Denver!

NBA Live 2008 – (XBOX360) – Kevin Durants Rookie Debut In Denver!


NBA Live 2008 - (XBOX360) - Kevin Durants Rookie Debut In Denver!


  1. Am I The Only One Who Wishes That Live 16 Need's To Be Combine With A Tad Bit Of 08-10 Live Features Because Even  Years Later This Gameplay Still Looks Good

  2. And just remembered the "glitch" in this game where they gave so many low rated players Carmelo's go-to moves. And because of that they could dominate a game regardless of their hot spots and player ratings. Made for hilarious online games though

  3. And I do agree with the Durant shot animation. Probably most accurate shot animation for him. Was also surprised they gave him a set of go-to move animations as a rookie. This game is nostalgic. Had a love-hate relationship with this game.

  4. This game had a lot of flaws but I really appreciated how they did the go-to moves and wish they built on the momentum the series had going until Elite ruined everything. Allen Iverson's go-to moves were spot on. Not his regular floater but his floater going right and his fadeaway floater going left.

  5. Do you know how to unlock accessories in this game? Because I want to give Dwight Howard some arm sleeves.

  6. Tico them red ivso's came when he was traded from philly and they didn't have the denver colorways for that shoe yet.

  7. Cool video man!! They had alot of signature shots and moves.. KD`s was definitely spot on. You can tell where 2K got alot of their ideas and concepts from.. It's funny cause they didn't start incorporating these things into their games until later on!

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