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Next, price cut on ps3?


can u give me a Date


  1. depends what size of memory

    the best kind to get would be a 60 gb because it can play ps2 games, unlike the 40 gb, or 80 gb

    i got mine at a pawn shop for $300 and it included 2 controllers, a game, and the cables.

    the 40 and 80 gb are like $280, including a game and controller

    hope i helped 😉

  2. I don’t know. Some rumors say before the end of the year. A ps3 slim is supposed to come out.

    Why wait a drop anyway? I think this console is worth all it’s money. I mean, would you expect cheaper for a HD gaming console with no LAG, built-in WIFI, free online gaming, bluray drive and an internet browser? I don’t know why everyone keeps saying it’s pricey.

  3. Price drop rumors have been going on all of 2009. The latest one is suggesting a $100 drop announced in August followed by a release of a PS3 Slim model. Sony has denied the price drop, of course, but have not confirmed nor flat-out denied the Slim. Sony has press time as Gamescon in August as well as the Tokyo Game Show in September.

    The latest PS3 Slim rumors say it will be priced at or above $400. If that is all true, then a $100 drop on the 160 GB would make sense as it would put the older PS3 model cheaper than the newer Slim model. I don’t think the 80 GB would receive such a drop because it appears that its being discontinued. Earlier rumors suggested this would happen and with each retailer offering its own 80 GB bundle, this seems likely. Maybe it would get a drop for the sake of getting it off the shelf, but they definitely wouldn’t sit around for long, that’s for sure.

    Here is a report from Sony indicating they have reduced their production costs, perhaps an indication the Slim is real:

    [url is not allowed].

    EDIT: Just Google Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show for dats. Also, be aware that this is all still rumors, so it isn’t true until Sony confirms it. Expect them to address all this at one or both of these shows.

  4. Rumors about a $100 price cut in August and I think it is for every Ps3. Lucky for me August is my B-Day.

  5. i know this doesnt really answer your question but today i went to gamestop and they had a 40% deal forr trading in 6 games so i traded my wii and 12 games and i got 320 bucks thinking i would only make 200. ps3 refurbished and used 80gb is only 350

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