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Old play station 2 help?


So I have a ps1 that I still use (teaching my little brother video game basics) but it’s starting to break. My ex left his old ps2 at my place, and I was thinking of using it but I don’t know what cords came with it? They’re not with the ps2, so ill have to look around for them. I’m looking for the power cord and the av/tv adapter cord too.

And I want to know, will my old ps1 memory cards and controllers fit on the ps2? Let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Depending on which series your PS2 is, you will need an AC adapter/power cord for the power supply and a RCA type (Red, yellow, white) A/V cable for connecting to your tv! WalMart. Target, Best Buy etc etc all sell PS2 peripherals or you could try ebay to save money!

    If I remember correctly, the PS1 A/V cable should work with the PS2!

  2. Playstation AV cables are completely interchangeable – the AV cables will work across all 3 PS consoles (PS1, PS2, and PS3, all models), and the Component cables will fit as well (and work on the PS2 and PS3), though the PS1 doesn’t actually output in progressive. So the Component cables may not work well or actually display video at all (they will, however, fit in the socket).

    The power cable, on the other hand. is a “maybe”. What model PS1 and PS2 do you have? If they’re both originals (the large, grey PS1 and the “fat” PS2), the power cable is interchangeable. If you own an PSone (the smaller, whitish redesigned PS1) AND/OR a “slim” PS2 (the small one with no bay for a hard drive expansion), they are not. But in that case, simply go to ebay (or amazon, or a google search) and look for one. Shouldn’t be more than a few bucks.

    To the memory cards, yes (and vital). The PS2 can ONLY save PS1 games to a PS1 memory card and PS2 games to a PS2 memory card. So you’ll not only be able to use them, you’ll need them for saves.

    To the controller. yes and no. PS1 controllers will work on a PS2, and function 100% fine for playing PS1 games. However, they will not work with PS2 games (at least not properly), due to the PS2 having analog surface buttons as well as sticks. Some games are playable, some are not, some the controller just doesn’t respond at all. But if you’re just using it as a PS1 replacement, your PS1 accessories (aside from the “maybe” on the power cable), will be just fine.

    Edit for clarification: Yes, PSone and PS2 slim power cables are incompatible because they aren’t just power cords, they have the actual power supply in them as opposed to internal PSUs like the bigger models (that’s what the giant brick thing on the cord is). The voltage in the power supply/transformer is different. (12 volts and 7-8.5 volts, respectively). You will cook the crap out of the PS2 slim if you use a 12 volt power supply for it.

    So unfortunately you’ll have to hunt one down online. I’ve included a link below, but you can probably find one cheaper on ebay

  3. Yes. Years ago I remember re buying the earlier ps1 wrestling games to play on my ps2 because I came across a ps1 memory card I had previously lost.

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